MP Mireille Robert meets with Espéraza city council

Faithful to her commitments, the member of the 3rd constituency came, Monday morning, to meet the elected officials of the chapel-city.Welcomed by the mayor Christian Soula, Mireille Robert declared "to be a little at home in the Haute Vallée de l ' Aude… I have family all over the place.”After recalling her missions within and outside the Parisian hemicycle, Mireille Robert listened attentively to the chief magistrate describing to him the economic and financial situation of the City and the projects .On the site of the former municipal landfill, Christian Soula announced the creation of a photovoltaic park of more than 20 ha with a German company."We must tend more and more towards clean energy", underlined Mireille.Robert, another project, the rehabilitation of the old Efisol site with, again, photovoltaics in a parking lot and the creation of a professional center for La Poste, all still to be finalized (Christian Soula was to meet on this subject with the Deputy Prefect Patr ice Bouzillard this same Monday).The municipality will also fight to create a house of services to the public, because there is already one in Quillan and Couiza."It is a very good idea which is gaining momentum" launched the deputy.

The zero unemployed Territory project was also discussed."We must bring together the mayors to create the territory", explained Christian Soula.Another fight that the municipality will lead is that of the health center.Cécile Grand said, "in August 2021 there will only be two doctors left." When we know that at present Couiza is also experiencing difficulties for her two doctors, the question of health will quickly arise in Haute Aude Valley The future of the House of Arts and Crafts, currently empty and expensive, was also debated in the presence of the deputy.Aid avenues were provided to the municipality by the elected parliamentarian thanks to the national agency for the cohesion of the territories and the endowments of support for local investment "there is a lot of money that will be put on rurality", specified Mireille Robert.For Christian Soula and his team c now is the time to take advantage.

Posted Date: 2020-11-26

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