L’édenière de crist’al: a corner of tranquillity

At the foot of the Meuse coast is a place of tranquillity which bears the name of L’Édenière de Crist’Al, a corner of paradise which wanted its name with the marriage of the name “Éden” and the word “bonbonnière” and “Crist’Al” for the first syllable of the first names of the owners, Christine and Albert.

This crazy project lasted two years and started in 2008. Albert acquired the real estate and had the dome-shaped house rebuilt”. It was a stroke of madness” as Christine says so well. They decided to open the bed and breakfast in 2011, and to offer 2 rooms with all comfort on the first floor of their atypical house.

“It’s a way to make beautiful encounters,” admits the owner who wanted to embark on this adventure. Visitors can choose which atmosphere suits them: the green room, which is reminiscent of nature, or the orange room, for the sunny side. Whatever the choice, the owners welcome you with a smile and kindness.

A responsible dome house

Christine and Albert wanted a responsible house close to nature, so the dome is built with untreated wood from sustainably managed forests and cork insulation.

The roof is made of red cedar, red cedar or giant cedar, a wood that is reputed to be rot-proof.the heating is central with a wood stove in the middle of the room, which allows the heat to be distributed quickly.finally, the couple mainly consumes organic produce thanks to their vegetable garden and fruit trees.the domed house is 160 m² and has a ceiling height of about 5 metres.it is situated between two fields and is quite off-centre.

There are about 250 houses of this type in France and the property also has a natural swimming pool filtered with plants.


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